Property Services

We also assist in pre deal assignments negotiations, drafting Memorandum of Understanding, deal assignments such as due diligence, drafting of agreements, post deal assignments such as registration and title transfer related paralegal work assignments.

✓ Acquiring New Property
✓ Rent & Lease Agreements
✓ Search Report & Property Title
✓ Property Development Agreements
✓ Power of Attorney in Respect of Property
✓ Conveyance of Property
✓ Property Tax Related Matters

Our Mission

Affordable convenient online Incorporation and Management Services, Expert Professional Services, paralegal support services to citizens and their Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, lawyers at doorstep making complex work simple and understable for protecting personal life, business interests of startups, individuals, Proprietary Firms, Partnership firms, Small & medium size enterprises, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company and protect social interests of citizen.

Digital signing of the documents

We are going to enable digital signatures and also going to allow the users, Paralegal Assistants, On call Expert Professionals to sign and approve the documents with Digital signatures.


All are documents are accessible from any device, on the go at any time and anywhere.

Documents reviewed

you don’t have to worry about as to who is handling your work assignment, we assure you that all your documents will be reviewed and approved/ digitally signed(Coming soon) by the qualified expert paralegal Assistants and On call Expert Professionals.

Data security

Each time our professionals, associates, consultants access your sensitive data all the access is given through secured logins only.All our Expert Paralegal Assistants on call Expert professionals, consultants sign data security agreement to protect your data and privacy.

Confidentiality Non- disclosure

All our expert paralegal Assistants, On call Expert professionals, On call Advocates, consultants sign a confidentiality non-disclosure agreement