All business related services the first service called as 1. Starting business service is sub- categorised as starting one person company, Registration of Proprietorship, Registration of Partnership Firm, starting Limited liability partnership, starting public limited company, starting private limited company, starting non profit company, starting foreign company business in india, Obtaining digital signature for signing digital documents, Obtaining Director Identification Number for becoming director or partner of the firm or company. The second business service of 2. Managing Business is sub-categorised as services in respect of conducting Annual general meeting, services in respect of conducting directors meetings, services in respect of changing directors, Increase authorised capital and issue additional shares, Change Name/ Object of the company, Change in the registered office of the company, Transfer of shares in the company, Filing annual return, Event Based ROC compliances, Legal audit & compliances. The third category is 3.Conversion and Takeover of Business which is sub categorised as Convert private limited to limited liability partnership firm, Conversion of proprietorship firm to limited liability partnership firm, Partnership to Private / Public limited company, Conversion of sole proprietorship into Private / Public limited company, Conversion of Public limited company into Private limited company, Conversion of partnership firm into limited liability partnership firm Acquisition, merger and takeover of business, Buying and selling existing private limited company, Takeover of partnership firm. The fourth service in respect of closing of the business activities 4.Closing Business is sub categorised as Closing business in India, Closing Company, Closing partnership firm, Closing of limited liability partnership firm. The fifth category is in respect of business documents required for running the business of the company. 5. BUSINESS DOCUMENTS: This category is sub categorised as Business operation agreements, Intellectual Property Agreements, Confidentiality Agreement, Employment Agreement, Service Provider Agreements, Privacy Policy of Website, Website terms and condition. The services in respect of the obtaining licenses is also sub categorised 6. OBTAIN LICENSES: Trademark Registration, Obtain Patents, Copyright Registration, Design Registration, Obtain import export licenses, Obtain Shop Act licenses, Obtain SSI Registration, Obtain Trade Licenses. The seventh category is in respect of business tax services 7. Business Tax Services it is also sub categorised as Service Tax Registration, VAT Registration, Obtain TIN, File Tax Returns.


While starting business depending upon the agreement between the partners, directors and considering the financial needs of the company we can start any business identity which is suitable and necessary for starting business ….


While managing any business activity many secretial works of the company have to be handled by experts .the company have to conduct Directors meetings Annual General Body Meetings,If time……


The economic growth & competition in between the companies can lead to amalgamation of the two companies or takeover of the one company by another company…….


The Company business can be closed on completion of particular project or due to financial difficulties . The foreign company also need to wind up their operations due to change in………


While incorporation of the business or while running business we need to execute business operation agreements to bring clarity in the roles and responsibilities, We also require to grant intellectual property…..


While starting business we require to obtain various trademarks , get the copyrights registerred, obtain various licenses such as export import, shop act license, trade license, design rights.Our team of Paralegal…….


The company is required to obtain service tax registration, vat registration, sale tax registration. While doing business the company is required to pay sales tax, income tax, professional tax & service tax……