Any business entity require fixed capital, working capital, ownership capital for fulfilling the capital needs of the business. The long term needs of the capital can be fulfilled by the issuance of shares/ debentures or by obtaining loan from financial institutions. The short term capital requirement which are less than a year are required for financing current assets and meeting day to day expenses. Such requirements can be fulfilled by taking bank loan, trade credit or installment credits. The midterm capital requirement for period 2 to 5 years are required for heavy expenditures such as modernization, renovation or advertising. Such requirements can be fulfilled by issuance of shares/ debentures or obtaining loans from banks.

Debt Restructuring

The loan restructuring can be initiated by the company who is in financial difficulty the cash flows are in problem. Depending upon the assets & liabilities of the firm.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loan can be obtained against the mortgage of residential as well as commercial property. Mortgage loan can also be sanctioned for buying

Cash Credit Loans

The working capital requirement of any company can be granted against inventory of raw material, semi finished goods, finished goods stocks in trade.

Overdraft & bills finance

Overdraft can be granted against fixed assests such as properties, fixed deposits, other securities .Where as Bills finance can be sanctioned agaisnt book

Export Finance

The financial requirements of the exporters can be fulfilled by the banks by grant of export credit the export credit is broadly divided into two categorised that is pre-shipment

Term Loans

Long term loans is generally granted for creation of fixed assets which can be categorized as short term loan is repayable in three years Mid terms loan if repayable in three to