Litigation Support Services

Litigation support services by Expert Paralegal Assistants to your lawyers and on call Professionals are categorized in three sub categories they are:

1. Collection of required information from the clients for the purpose of preparing also includes collection of information in respect of disputed documents, gathering evidence for the purpose of deposition and trial preparation.

2. Litigation support includes and the reports in respect of legal issues.

3. Litigation support services includes the ongoing support required for presentation of the matter before the court that is drafting of oral arguments and research in respect of judgment and citation in similar cases.we have categorized litigation support services as under;

consumer matters

consumer matters pertaining to deficiency in products, unfair trade practices, services and goods which are hazardous to life, trade or services provider, deficiency in services are filed before consumer forums.our expert consumer paralegal Assistants will help your lawyer in filing

civil dispute matters

the civil disputes are handled by junior division civil court, senior division civil judge at district court & in metro cities the litigation is handled by city civil court & high court. the pecuniary jurisdiction for the suit value upto rs.1 crores can be filed before city civil

criminal matters

criminal litigation is initiated by the state authority that is department of police after completing the investigation depending upon the nature of the offences. the criminal case chargesheet is filed before the court having territorial inherent jurisdiction in respect

company law matters

the company law related matters are currently handled by national company law tribunal (nclt). the nclt will handle cases in respect of company & will have 21 benches.Our Expert Company law Paralegal Assistants will assist your lawyers

debt recovery tribunal

the bank of financial institution who has to recover any debt from any person have to make an application called original application to the tribunal against such person for the recovery of debts above rs.10 lacs the illegal person

quasi - judicial matters

quasi-judicial matters conducted by quasi-judicial authorities of different departments of the government including revenue department, co-operative department, home department, women & child department, food & civil supplies, ministers

information technology act

information technology act provides legal recognition transaction carried out in electronic format. accordingly the government has amended indian penal code, indian evidence act, bankers book evidence act & reserve bank of india