Civil Dispute Matters

The civil disputes are handled by junior division civil court, senior division civil judge at district court & in metro cities the litigation is handled by city civil court & high court. The pecuniary jurisdiction for the suit value upto Rs.1 crores can be filed before city civil court in Mumbai. If the commercial suit claim is above Rs.1 crores than the matter will be handled by original side of the high court. The district court can hear appeals for the suit having claims upto Rs.10 lacs, civil judge junior division having pecuniary jurisdiction for commercial suit upto Rs.5 lacs and the civil judge senior division for suit matters from Rs.5 lacs. to 10 lacs. Our Expert Litigation Paralegal Assistants can assist your lawyers and on call professionals can assist you in pre-litigation support, drafting support & post litigation support depending upon the territory & jurisdiction of the matters.