We also assist in pre deal assignments negotiations, drafting Memorandum of Understanding, deal assignments such as due diligence, drafting of agreements, post deal assignments such as registration and title transfer related paralegal work assignments.

Acquiring New Property

The individual person can acquire individual property by executing memorandum of understanding, agreement for sale, sale deed. While acquiring the new property the individual person should do physical inspection of property

Rent & Lease Agreements

The residential and nonresidential properties can be leased out on long term basis can be given on leave & licence for short period the necessary lease agreement or leave & license agreements can be drafted by our expert.

Search Report & Property Title

Before buying any new property we have to obtain such report in respect of the new property and also the title of the property is required to be verified. The original link documents are required to be scrutinized.

Property Development Agreements

The individual plot can be develop through builder or the society plot also can be develop through builder for that purpose various agreements are required to be drafted & various steps to be taken.

Power of Attorney in Respect of Property

The individual person may require buying or sell properties in his absent in such situation power of attorney is required to be drafted. The owner of the property may also required to execute the power of attorney to manage property.

Conveyance of Property

The plot title remains with the builder in such situation society is required to file conveyance application/ deemed conveyance application. Many times the property card recorded/ 7/12 extracts in respect of plot is not transferred

Property Tax Related Matters

Owners of the property is required to pay taxes on the property if they are not paid huge penalty is levied by local authorities. The property owners may required to file appeal in respect of the valuation of the property