Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate social responsibility provisions under companies act 2013, are applicable to the companies with annual turnover of 1000 corers & more, or company having net worth of rs. 500 corers or more or companies having net profit of rs. 5000 corers or more. the rules make it mandatory for the companies to setup crs committee approve the corporate social responsibility policy insure that the at least 2% of the net profit of last 3 years amount is spent on such activities. the companies can implement corporate social responsibility activities directly.

1. directly on its own
2. by setting upon it own non-profit organization
3. through independently register non-profit organization (3 years old)
4. by collaborating with other company to pull the resources together.

the reporting of the corporate social responsibility activities is mandatory. our team of expert company lawyers can assist you in drafting corporate social responsibility policies, implement social responsibility programmers through own or other ngo organizations. the compliance in respect of corporate social responsibility can be done through our organization.